Kollaboratoriet is a living experiment. Activities throughout 2017 will help shape its future.

Kollaboratoriet will develop through the activities and ideas it stimulates and hosts. In addition data collection activities are planned to help this along, including: 1. Collecting feedback from all participants and organizers who come to the space 2. interviewing surrounding businesses, organisations, museums and groups to link the space to the immediate surroundings. 3. Photography and video documentation of the story unfolding in the space over 2017.

Some activities in Kollaboratoriet will inform the Uppsala Pilot of the Live Baltic Campus Project. The aim of the pilot is to develop new ideas for how University campuses around the Baltic should promote creativity, innovation and sustainability, by using participatory methods and design thinking to develop new plans and visions for campuses. The accumulated experience from activities around Kollaboratoriet will contribute to an Integrated Campus Development Plan, delivered towards the end of 2017.