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Closed from March 18: Kollaboratoriet and CEMUS Library closed for events and bookings

Kollaboratoriet Uppsala is what you make of it

Kollaboratoriet is located in central Uppsala, overlooking the Fyris river. The space is designed for activities with up to 40 people and you have access to 77 square meters of area. It has flexible furniture options, with most furniture able to be removed or added as needed, depending on the the activity.

Kollaboratoriet is a space for various events that may be open to the public or by invitation, depending on the event requirements. The space can be used free of charge (until March 31). Events and activities can be hosted by the Kollaboratoriet team or may be booked and hosted by others independently.

Kollaboratoriet’s concept is open to all, and you are free to request to use the space. If you have an exhibition, collaborative meeting, event, workshop, maker session or other activity and you need a collaborative space to host it feel free to contact us.


In Kollaboratoriet you will find most of the basic things you need to run your activity or event here. Regarding the technology we have a projector (black vga-cable, no remote) and a smart board (grey vga-cable). We also have cups you can borrow. Please bring your own drinks and snacks and make sure to wash up after you. We also have a limited supply of workshop materials like post-its, pens and paper. If you will use big amounts of this, please bring some on your own.

General guidelines and terms of use

Please respect the following general guidelines and terms of use:

  • In CEMUS and Uppsala University’s spaces you’re not allowed to lights candles or other flammables.
  • Feel free to fika and eat as you like.
  • Feel free to move furniture around and rearrange the space, but don’t block doors since it’s a fire escape, evacuation route.
  • Selling or marketing of services or products to students or staff as private citizens isn’t allowed (unless you have a contract with Uppsala University where it’s allowed).
  • Respect other peoples use of the space by leaving the space in a nicer state than what you found it in – cleaning equipment can be booked in the booking form.

For details see Uppsala University’s rules and regulations document: Riktlinjer för tillträde och upplåtelse till Uppsala universitets lokaler.

Request to Use Kollaboratoriet

Make a booking request and also reflect on how you will connect your event to the core principals of Kollaboratoriet. Before you book make sure the date and time is available in the calender here: Kollaboratoriet calendar

Use the request form here: Closed from March 18: Kollaboratoriet and CEMUS Library closed for events and bookings


Visiting  Address: Östra Ågatan 19 (ground floor), 753 22, Uppsala, Sweden

Coordinator: Daniel Mossberg, Samverkansansvarig CEMUS Forum and Outreach