Current Theme: People’s Voices + Cities + Design

Every Spring and Autumn, Kollaboratoriet has a new theme. The Spring 2017 theme is “People’s voices + Cities + Design”. Some activities will be enacted around the theme each half-year. However, the space will remain open to be used for other purposes also.

Under this theme, various groups in Kollaboratoriet will be initiating participatory processes in urban design and city planning issues. This is done by offering space for groups who normally do not have a voice in discussions around city planning, questions of housing, green spaces, public space, etc.

Kollaboratoriet is part of the Live Baltic Campus project to develop university campuses as innovation hubs. An aim is to creating better urban environments for businesses and residents. The idea is to create a working method for participative urban planning which is adopted by cities involved as part of their normal work. Many of the activities at Kollaboratoriet under this theme aim to influence/inform/inspire the content of an Integrated Campus Development Plan for Uppsala and Uppsala university.

Here, questions can be posed and the conversations hosted by different actors. Through this, new ways of collaboration between university and society can be developed. Kollaboratoriet will provide an arena where the conversations around urban design can be broadened – in terms of who is included, geographical dimensions, time dimensions. The conversations can for example cover the relationship between different parts of the city and/or functions as well as long-term and short-term questions.