Welcome to Kollaboratoriet Uppsala 2019

Dear friends,

Welcome to yet another year at Kollaboratoriet Uppsala. A multi-purpose space for different types of activities and events – collaborations, crossing boundaries, and developing ideas for a better world.

To the right on this page, you find all the open events coming up at Kollaboratoriet in the near future.

Kollaboratoriet Uppsala works these goals in mind
– Opening new, valuable channels between academia and civil society
– Crossovers of science, art and culture in the shadow of global challenges and transitions
– Supporting new pathways for social innovation and action towards sustainable futures

Kollaboratoriet is open to host  an activity or event, just send us a request or email us at kollaboratorietuppsala@gmail.com.

Kollaboratoriet Uppsala continues in 2018!

Dear Friends of Kollaboratoriet Uppsala,

During 2017 Kollaboratoriet was made possible through the project Live Baltic Campus.  Throughout the year, it has become clear that the space and its activities has been of grate value and interest. The space has held around 150 activities since January, even though we didn’t open until April!

It has now been decided that Kollaboratoriet Uppsala will continue during 2018!

We invite you to celebrate this happy news, and all the hard work and fun we have had this year, with us on December 15. This is also a chance to learn more about what has been happening in the space this year, and to give input to how the initiative should develop ahead.

We are looking forward to seeing you all!