Dreams and Seeds: Kollaboratoriet – An Experimental Space for Collaboration

In 2018 Kollaboratoriet will continue to develop as a pilot within Uppsala University’s project for meeting spaces. Kollaboratoriet is coordinated by CEMUS. The space and concept will develop through the activities and ideas it stimulates and hosts.

During its first year (2017) Kollaboratoriet was developed as a pilot within the Live Baltic Campus Project. The aim of the pilot was to develop new ideas for how University campuses around the Baltic should promote creativity, innovation and sustainability, by using participatory methods and design thinking to develop new plans and visions for campuses. Throughout the year, it became clear that the space and its activities was of grate value and interest. The space held around 150 activities during 2017, even though the official opening was in April.

Texts about Kollaboratoriet can be found in the following publications

Dreams and Seeds: The role of campuses in sustainable urban development.
The text about Kollaboratoriet can be found from p. 115

Blog post on the Opening Week of Kollaboratoriet 2017

Blog post on the urban garden outside Kollaboratoriet 2017

Oct 15: Roundtable on how to meet, create & work together during a pandemic

Warmly welcome to an online roundtable event on how to meet, create and work together during a pandemic!

This roundtable meeting will focus on how civil society, student organization and other local actors in Uppsala can continue to facilitate and organize meaningsful meetings and events during the ongoing pandemic. We will start with sharing our experiences and needs when it comes to meeting places – physical, Corona safe, spaces as well as online platforms. Then Robin Rushdi, Vakansa, will present different places to meet and organize events in Uppsala, and we will discuss how those places fit your needs. The final part of the roundtable will focus on different online platforms and collaborative tools that will enable us to continue to meet, create and work together when it isn’t possible to meet in person. Online and in person hybrid meetings and events will also be discussed.

If you want to be part of presenting how you have held meetings, events online or present a space in Uppsala that you think would be valuable to others, please email daniel.mossberg@cemus.uu.se or call 073-065 02 28.

This roundtable event is part of the continued work with Kollaboratoriet Uppsala and CEMUS Forum & Outreach.

When: October 15 kl. 16.15-18.00

Where: Online via Zoom: